We started in 2004 and today we are specialists in digital communication – working mainly in the Nordic countries. Our core business lies within digital signage.

MVG utilizes the latest in digital signage technologies to create powerful, visually engaging customer experiences for businesses and retailers. Our digital signage solutions work seamlessly with touchscreen kiosks, assistive selling tools, mobile platforms allowing marketers to tailor on-screen messaging in real time. With more than 15 years of experience regarding digital display solutions.

We have created our own Digital Signage Operating System(Linux), and migrated it into different hardware (ARM (Android)). Then from the same "framework" we can adapt the software to do anything.

We have created our own Linux Network Routers - to migrate into any network seamlessly - to achieve a very high "uptime" quality on the connectivity. And the same router firmware can be redesigned and configured as 4G/3G/WIFI gateway.

Industry Leading Software:

The MVG platform is a reliable, user friendly to create, schedule and manage your content with more than 15 years of proven uptime (Linux). Giving you the opportunity to design, manage and deploy your own content with complete control of when that content is played across all connected devices. Our approach to your project focuses on flexibility in solution offering – our bespoke turnkey digital signage solutions include hardware, installation, support, professional services as well as managed services. MVG can handle any level of complexity today!

Full Solution Provider:

MVG continues to expand its services by becoming a full solution provider and offering certified digital media players built with Linux & Android that pair perfectly with their industry leading digital signage software.


MVG are experts in digital signage and whatever your needs are, regardless how big the scope is, we want to find the best and most relevant solution. With your brand values in center, our goal is to strengthen your business and operational efficiency.

We have our own reliable software, that enables smart and flexible communication across the globe.
Through our cloud platform.

We use either X86 Linux or ARM Android devices - depending on the type of solution. X86 Linux has over 15 years of on going development and proven uptime. ARM (Android Device) is know close to 5 years in stable run time. In most cases we integrate screen and client - but in some cases the client is external.


  • The Nordic regions best digital signage supplier, developing the extra ordinary - we deliver more than you expect!
  • Today our main platforms is Linux and Android - running on all our locations (35 Malls and 200 more malls the coming year).
  • We have partnerships with the best advertising company in the world Clear Channel.
  • Which makes us unique in designing and offering specialized solutions just for you!
  • We have deployed amazing solutions world wide - some of the pictures you can see below.

Some of our Digital Signage Solutions Below

Stora Wäsby

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