Digital WayFinding Complete Solution

Hardware & Software – Users on all platforms: Terminals & Websites & Mobile users

Everyone has, at some point, been lost inside a large convention center, struggled to find their gate at the airport or been late to a lecture, because they couldn’t find the right auditorium at the university. But getting lost inside large and complex venues could soon be a thing of the past. Meet MVG Maps – the next generation of indoor navigation and way-finding.

We deliver the complete solution which means,

  • Our unique digital way-finding technology (Content Management System).
  • Our unique plugin API technology (to integrate into anything).
  • Linux or Android clients (15 years proven up-time) connects to any screen.
  • Multi-touch touchscreens & screens made to run 24/7.
  • Luxury digital signage furniture.
  • Native programming (for best mobile device experience).
  • Smart switching between indoor WEBGL maps and outdoor Maps (multiple choices).

Interactive indoor maps for large venues:

MVG maps is built on a unique WEBGL 3D format for indoor and Google Maps for outdoor, which makes the transition from outdoor navigation to indoor navigation completely seamless.

Integrate easily to: Websites, Apps or backbone platform as EPI server 


Real 3D model format which can be used on all platforms.

  • Manage the digital maps using your existing system.
  • Connect EpiServer through our own unique developed Plugin.
  • Open API solution framework. 
  • Seamless integration between indoor and outdoor maps. 
  • Custom indoor WEBGL maps with (Google Maps for outdoor). 
  • Our designers have long experience of UI/UX to make your interactive map easy to navigate thru and graphically designede after your profile.
  • We create the digital furniture and make it adapted to your company’s graphical profile. (Interactive Directories).
  •  If needed, we can also add commercials or customer-based information spots to the Interactive Directories


We all know the feeling of walking into a large building and having no idea where to go. Roaming through hallways, taking wrong turns or trying to find a specifk store.  

This is where MVG´s Interactive Directories will helps you!


With smartphones, tablets and laptops, it is now easier than ever for people to explore their surroundings. And while Google maps and online directories are useful tools, they’re only one piece of the wayfinding puzzle. We combine Google Maps Outdoor with our Indoor MVG map system to provide people with customized, up-to-date, interactive information.

Adding mobile to the mix makes it even easier to navigate!

With QR codes or SMS) instructions can be sent straight to smartphones so people don’t have to look for another kiosk if they need more information.

We design modern luxury furniture - that matches your companies graphical profile -

Image above is a terminal we created for Sandvika!

The digital maps can be easily integrated into existing applications for mobile and desktop or as a standalone service. With our API with seamless integration into existing systems, updating and customizing your indoor maps has never been easier.

We create a 3D model of your indoor environment, then add way-finding technology to it so anyone in your facility can navigate to their destination.

The user can get directions from any point inside the venue or outside!


The digital solution allows businesses to collect data about user behavior based on searches and clicks. This lets businesses review, monitor and analyze the effectiveness of their interactive directory.

  • The information gained from analytics can help businesses understand what content works and what doesn’t and how to gain optimal visibility.
  • User data can help businesses like malls, airports and museums grow and improve their offerings. Search volume can be used to determine which new shops or added services will be most interesting to customers.
  • And while digital wayfinding is a great way to increase customer satisfaction, it is also a useful tool for internal communications.
    “Building managers and HR personnel can use kiosks and real-time data to better the work environment,”

“With the recent popularity in flexible working conditions, desk sharing and co-working spaces, having a digital system in place to keep everyone informed is essential.”


Printed maps and static signs can quickly become outdated, seeing as offices reorganize, exhibits change and shops relocate on a regular basis. Digital wayfinding solutions makes these changes a breeze. With the ability to update maps and directories in minutes, maps are kept up-to-date without having to spend hundreds if not thousands on printing and installing static posters.

MVG Plugin System for Episerver and other CMS systems:

MVG engineers have created a system (API) which can seamlessly install into already existing systems, using smart API calls to either retrieve or send data. This means we integrate a solution where you only have one place to manage content.

Digital screens also have the added ability to display non-wayfinding content. When no one is actively looking for directions, screens can display current weather, event schedules, local news, taxi, bus, parking and many other interesting content. Locations can also make extra revenue by displaying advertisements on the screen.

Businesses can also add to the user experience by getting creative with their screens’ messages and colors to present an exciting brand identity. Personalized content and wayfinding features leave a positive impression on a user.

Digital way-finding is the perfect solution for businesses to enhance their consumer experience and an easy way to manage and update content.

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