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MVG is company from Sweden that has been delivering interactive digital signage solutions for over 10+ years to different industries. What we have done with this decade of information is to design a totally new 2020 SaaS product´s that the world has not seen before! 


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We have developed the online team tools and technology logic to manage any type of project size, maintaining a huge competitive edge unparalleled to other business tech structures.


A new type of modern structure for managing sales and key communication between all affected parties. Using smart online collaboration tools to make communication effective.

Johan Nyman

Johan Nyman


First learn computer science and all the theory. Next develop a programming style. Then forget all that and just hack.

Andreas Bergkvist

Andreas Bergkvist


It’s not that we use technology, we live technology. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

David Emeren

David Emeren


A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.

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WCAG 2.1 Standard | https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/

WCAG 2.0 Standard | https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation | https://gdpr-info.eu/

"We are very pleased with the new digital map solution. We are very pleased with both the collaboration and the result

– Kjersti Brundtland Stople, Markedskoordinator Sandvika Storcenter

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“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”