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Media Vision Group is an tech- and media group company with more than 15 years of experience in digital signage and digital wayfinding solutions. We deliver video walls, interactive directories, digital signage and digital wayfinding software SaaS solutions, as well as outdoor LED-displays across Scandinavia.


Digital Signage

MVG´s new 2020 Digital Signage SaaS system enables you to be where people are and to communicate what is relevant and interesting at any particular time and place on any type of digital screen interactive or non interactive.

Digital Wayfinding

MVG´s new 2020 digital wayfinding SaaS solution offers interactions through apps, websites, qr codes or terminals.

We enable a new way of connecting data and automating your digital wayfinding solution.


Through our development team we have delivered a broad range of different apps. Native apps, web apps and world unique solutions.



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