smart captive portal solutions

All managed and easily hosted in the cloud for you – communicate what’s important to your guests and visitors!

Why Choose Us?


Router & swiches all configured and adapted for each location.


Specialized software for manageing large scale networks.


Project management and installation on site.

Captive Portal Architecture

MVG has these three servers hosted: MVG Radius | MVG Access Controller | MVG Captive Portal WWW server. Then we install managed WIFI access points to connect to the cloud infrastructure and these components are customized Linux Router and VLAN configured layer 3 switches. We assist in the installation thus offering you a complete network installation – the importance of this is so we can ensure no other network component can compromise network traffic!

Your #1 Choice For WIFI

We use the latest standards with the technology configuration that is built to run 24/7. With best optimal speed and quality of service.

Smart Quality Of Service Rules 

Smart VLAN and quality of services

Through smart configuration of router rules, segmentation and seprate rules configured inside the switches we can ensure that the network traffic is optimized for best possible solutions.


Custom designed portals

Login with standardized templates or choose something unique – by customizing the welcome page.  Optionally allow users to login with Facebook, LinkedIn or some other third party login.

Get The Speeds You Want at the Price You Want

Smart router rules Optimized