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Tools For Digital Signage


The HTML5-based, responsive user interface is ready to use right away. User interface is very easy to use. Built in encoding engines thatoffers both streaming and local playback options.

Media players

We offer media players that comes pre-configured with all settings! Players work both offline or online, OS can be Linux or Android.

Hardware & Software

We can help you with the mediaplayers and the hardware screens of any type. MVG has delivered world unique solutions for over 10+ years to different industries.


Looking for something unique to add to your content? let our creative team help you create that. 


Watch It In Action


The smart platform for digital signage

With a few simple clicks, you spread the word on the screens you choose. Anytime. Anywhere.

We deliver the complete digital signage solution, we can offer you the role as the main architecture partner, system integrator or alternatively you can use our SaaS Digital Signage Manager to deploy your own network of clients.

Maximize your value through your digital media channel – connect your business to our system to bring premium out of home screens with advanced reporting and flexible programmatic and automated options.

In addition to all the standard functionalities that a digital signage company needs, we have partnership and agreements with the leading software and broadcasting companies world wide to enable the full potential of your business model.


What You Get

Create campaigns

Ease of use

All platforms

Creative Management Platform

Automate everything

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics


From any smartphone access the indoor navigation, everything is made with web components and does not require user to install any third-party software. Quickly and easily share guide to anyone.


Using interactive directories, screens with multitouch help people navigate to anything. We have constructred industry compliant hardware specifically designed for hospital and goverment enviroments.


From QR signs anywhere you can let people scan the sign and get the navigation from any specific start or end point. Easily and quickly deployed in vast numbers. Through statistics easily see where the navigation is most needed.


 Through our manager you can administrate the wayfinding solution easily. We have hundreds of smart navigation tools and options available for you. And all devices regardless of its platform is automatically updated through smart API infrastructure.

QR Digital Stand

Through a cost efficent digital QR stand you can deploy a vast number of signs. All signs are automatically managened through the manager. It also has an integrated NFC reader which can be used in combination with the QR sign.


Integrate our solution into any platform and enviroment. Through our technical documentaiton our by letting our technical team assist you we can modify, adjust and integrate our system anywhere.

Get started quickly with your digital signage environment, be creative and manage everything yourself or contact us for help and management.


"We offer an easy to use SaaS manager to manage your digital signage content. System is designed to be used by anyone independent of what previous experience you have. Just login and start managing your signage network. You can access the manager from any browser."


"We offer a media players that works with our SaaS digital signage system. It comes pre-configured with all settings. These devices can be stacked in unlimited numbers to manage simpler or complex solutions. Media players work both offline or online, OS is either Linux or Android."



Fully Responsive

Build For & Tested on All Major Platforms & Devices

Our signage system supports all plaforms. Coded with common languages to give you the best optimal performance on all devices.

Our media players are built with Android and Linux devices built for commercial environments. 


Choose A Plan That Works For You

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Smart and simple pricing


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Media Players: $25 / per month (.apk android) | URL: $25 / per month (embed anywhere) | API:  $25 kr per month (integrate anywhere)

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