Digital Signage Network

We can help you create a network for your digital signage environment. We use smart customized routers in combination with mesh networking technology to load balance and create stability and security. And also at the same time offer additional services for customers such as captive portals.


What We Do

Captive portals

Create unique welcome pages for all mobile devices. By default all smartphones today have wifi enabled and the amount of people seeing your message is huge. Here you can communicate whats important.


We deliver a Linux router made for 24/7 use in vast digital signage networks. We create a unique bond between clients and servers to securely deliver the message.


Using IPSEC & VPN software or hardware connected lines we can drop your cost in mobile networking costs while increasing security and stability.


Realtime monitoring of network traffic, secure delivery between different VLAN networks makes our solution quick and easy to deliver a secure network.


Specialized development such as statistics and setting up API´s for using alla available data is a unique feature you can offer your customers.

Cyber Security

Secure your communication and save costs for client down time.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We deliver a highly powerful Linux router customized from the ground up to create the best possible quality. We deliver the complete networking components and assist in the project management to make sure all things are properly installed.

Network Architecture

MVG has these three servers hosted: MVG Radius | MVG Access Controller | MVG Captive Portal WWW server. Then we install managed WIFI access points to connect to the cloud infrastructure and these components are customized Linux Router and VLAN configured layer 3 switches. We assist in the installation thus offering you a complete network installation – the importance of this is so we can ensure no other network component can compromise network traffic!

MVG Configuration Template

MVG configures your digital signage network into VLAN segmentation and clear separation technology. And thus isolates different networks from each other – and we can assist with creating smart Linux WIFI to NIC adaptors which works reliably 24/7. Giving you the ease to easily just plugin in the ethernet cables. Through fiber-optic VLAN layer 3 configured switches you can extend the network indefinitely. There is no limit on the number of clients you can connect to the network.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

By using smart mesh technology we can ensure internet is always available for your clients and your message will always be securely delivered. And thanks to our WIFI to Ethernet adaptors we can ensure your devices are always running with the best possible connection.

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You need the best possible internet connection to make your digital signage network work. 

Thats why we have developed a specific set of network tools. Linux router |  WIFI access points | Access controllers and more.

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Linux routers and adaptors


Captive portals

Some of our captive portals

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