Digital Signage

Intelligent and interactive digital signage solutions

We deliver the complete digital signage solution, we can offer you the role as the main architecture partner, system integrator or alternatively you can use our SaaS Digital Signage Manager to deploy your own network of clients. 

Maximize your value through your digital media channel – connect your business to our system to bring premium out of home screens with advanced reporting and flexible programmatic and automated options. 

In addition to all the standard functionalities that a digital signage company needs, we have partnership and agreements with the leading software and broadcasting companies world wide to enable the full potential of your business model.

Some of our key offerings and features:

Create campaigns

Create a campaign, add content, and decide which screens and what time you want it to appear. Our solution takes care of the rest. 

Ease of use, intuitive user interface

The HTML5-based, responsive user interface does not require downloading of the content and is ready to use right away. User interface is very easy to use. 

Big data analytics

Our or interactive signage suite includes connection to Apps, Websites and much more all data is collected in real-time feeding the programmatic solution and increasing your profit.


We have access to data sources that allows almost anything. Automatically updated anything in realtime. Creating the next generation of digital signage solutions.

All platforms

Our signage system supports all plaforms. Coded with native languages to give the best optimal performance

Creative Management Platform

A full suite of complementary tools which allow you to identify, track and engage with your audience across a wide range of different channels.

Automate everything

Use our smart API´s to automate everything and have the convenience of an automatically updated content on all
devices – no need for additional management.

Machine Learning

Lightning fast algorithms that optimize bidding in real-time to automatic budget reallocations, our research platform enables best-in-class machine learning.


MVG – 2020 | Digital Signage SaaS Suite

Get started quickly with your digital signage environment, be creative and manage everything yourself or contact us for help and management.

SaaS Signage Manager 

We offer an easy to use SaaS manager to manage your digital signage content. System is designed to be used by anyone independent of what previous experience you have. Just login and start managing your signage network. You can access the manager from any browser.

Media Wall Solutions

We offer a range of media wall solutions of any size and format. MVG has built many unique installations for many different customers over the years.

Amongst them are one of the largest media walls in the world, deployed to customer H&M.

Large outdoor screen solutions

We offer a range of “LED outdoor” screens in any size and format. Screens can be customized for any possible application.

Using MVG´s proven hardware and software makes this solution ideal for any who wishes to deploy a large screen that really captures peoples attention.

MVG uses only technology we have had running for 10+ years to ensure quality and performance.


All media content uploaded to our CMS SaaS system is encoded and prepared for HLS streaming. In similar ways Netflix and other services deploy their media content.

You can then easily deploy and share our playlists to websites, apps and other digital signage systems. Its even possible to connect to live streaming sources.

Media Channel Solution

We deliver our SaaS software to control the media screens.

Image here shows our media channel for real-estate owner Unibail Rodamco Westfield – a mall in Denmark/Fisketorvet.

For larger enviroments we offer several main functions such as: Publish, Controller, Sync, Surveillance.

Digital Signage Media Player

We offer a media players that works with our SaaS digital signage system. It comes pre-configured with all settings.

These devices can be stacked in unlimited numbers to manage simpler or complex solutions. Media players work both offline or online, OS is either Linux or Android.

Digital Signage Sales Tool

Under development is a universal digital signage sales tool (smart ads), something world unique – created to reach new media spaces mobile, terminal, apps and media channels.

Realtime statistics

Each content played through our system is tracked, and you can in realtime display statistics on what is playing, completion rates and much more.