Digital Wayfinding for hotels

Let customers and guests find attractive areas in your hotel. Let them find key point of interests 24/7. And create a new information channel for your guest. In covid-19 times people want to use their own smartphones and avoid near communication here our product will solve this for your buisness.

Digital Wayfinding

Using smartphones and its built in sensors users can quickly navigate a new area and find key point of interests. This is a clear advantage for your hotel guests and lets you get unique insight in how people move around in your enviroment.



Our system composes of three major components:


Using an app to find what guests are looking for. You can use our complete app and your ready to go or integrate into something that you already have. Our main code is developed to be quick and easy to use and does not require an native app to start.


Using multitouch screens to find what customers are looking for. These furnitures can be designed to match your graphical profile. We also have complete mediaplayers you can use if you have a inhouse tech team.


Using our manager you can create simple signs which users can easily scan to locate themselves. Place them in vast numbers around your hotel. These can be digital or analogue. And you can include NFC fro touch and go users.


Inside the digital Wayfinder SaaS hotel application, you can communicate what is important for the guests. Information such as where activities are and how to navigate to that location. You can also promote activities and highlight things of importance when user is near or close to a specific activity.

Scheduling activities

Set dates and time frames on when exactly something should be shown. Plan the guests arrival long before they arrive.

Create Result

See in statistics on how the guests visited your hotel to learn more about the paths the visitor takes.


A digital wayfinding system developed for hotels – to meet the demands of the era.

time is cruical

Anyone can use their smartphone, terminal or website to find whats important to them quickly. This without the need to asking your staff or employees this saves time and speed for user. Our app is designed to work without the need to install a native app this allows users to get guides much faster!

Always online

Your wayfinder will work 24/7 all day long helping people findign their destinations. You will be safe knowing crucial information is always ready and online in all platforms for all users. Geting people to the right destionation and streamlining communication is key to success.

Smart step-by-step navigation

We have developed a smart navigation system, to help people find their way using a standardized step-by-step functionality. This to make sure all people no matter his or her background or knoweledge will understand the path to his/her destionation.

Smart search

Using smart search engine functions, similar to a google search you can adapt and configure the search engine respones to match what critera is of most important. And also learn what people are searching for and adapt the keywords to match. Even promote services and products is available to you, there might be a need to highlight specific words.


Having the information updated is crucial to a successful deployment. By streaming all updates through API´s we can make sure all platforms are updated in realtime. We are experts in connecting existing systems to our databases, thus making an integration into a system which you are already managing. Making updating content streamlined from one system easy and saving you time.


We have developed a user interface closely with the highest standards. Where the goal is to be able to let anyone use the app to quickly understand how it works and then find what they are looking for. As few clicks as possible for user to find what he is looking for is our goal.


From any smartphone access the indoor navigation, everything is made with web components and does not require user to install any third-party software. Quickly and easily share guide to anyone.


Using interactive directories, screens with multitouch help people navigate to anything. We have constructred industry compliant hardware specifically designed for hospital and goverment enviroments.


From QR signs anywhere you can let people scan the sign and get the navigation from any specific start or end point. Easily and quickly deployed in vast numbers. Through statistics easily see where the navigation is most needed.


 Through our manager you can administrate the wayfinding solution easily. We have hundreds of smart navigation tools and options available for you. And all devices regardless of its platform is automatically updated through smart API infrastructure.

QR Digital Stand

Through a cost efficent digital QR stand you can deploy a vast number of signs. All signs are automatically managened through the manager. It also has an integrated NFC reader which can be used in combination with the QR sign.


Integrate our solution into any platform and enviroment. Through our technical documentaiton our by letting our technical team assist you we can modify, adjust and integrate our system anywhere.

Test application right now

By clicking the link below you can test the application right now, and learn the how easy application is. However be sure to notice: The user interface and user experience will modified for your specific hotel!

Smart pricing

Get started quickly with our pricing models, we will help you create the 3D model and setup the appropriate connection to make your app ready for deployment quickly.


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Media Players: $25 / per month (.apk android) | URL: $25 / per month (embed anywhere) | API:  $25 kr per month (integrate anywhere)