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By using digital wayfinding in retail enviroment you can navigate users to their destinations and increase sales. You can get the indepth knowledge about what paths your customers take. You can then use this information to strategically place products along the paths!


Special offers – sell more: Someone is visting your retail enviroment and looking for hammers. We navigate them to the destination where the product is location. But we also at the same time highlight where the nails are.

Offers close to user user: A user is somewhere inside your retail space, and wants to know where the special offers are located. By pressing a special offers button we locate him where he is and shows offers close to him. Its also possible to set navigation to offers depending on your walking distance.


Our Process

We check what ecommerce system you currently have, we syncronize these products and categories into our app (database). Then we create a 3D model of your entire retail space. After this we can deploy the app into real life places where your customers can start using the guides.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We go through your current enviroment and look for places where we can connect our API´s to be able to automate the content so you only have one place of management. Usually this is your current content management system for ecommerce.

Visual & UX Design

We adapt the user interface so it matches the products and services you offer and make sure the structure is according to your goals.


We modify all the databases to match the roadmap and strategy. Then prepare for launch of the application.

Launch & Monitor

When we launch the application it can be both in app and in physical touchscreens installed on site. All this information is key to beeing able to deploy the app and get the usage levels up. 

Wayfinding Functions


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From any smartphone access the indoor navigation, everything is made with web components and does not require user to install any third-party software. Quickly and easily share guide to anyone.


Using interactive directories, screens with multitouch help people navigate to anything. We have constructred industry compliant hardware specifically designed for hospital and goverment enviroments.


From QR signs anywhere you can let people scan the sign and get the navigation from any specific start or end point. Easily and quickly deployed in vast numbers. Through statistics easily see where the navigation is most needed.


 Through our manager you can administrate the wayfinding solution easily. We have hundreds of smart navigation tools and options available for you. And all devices regardless of its platform is automatically updated through smart API infrastructure.

QR Digital Stand

Through a cost efficent digital QR stand you can deploy a vast number of signs. All signs are automatically managened through the manager. It also has an integrated NFC reader which can be used in combination with the QR sign.


Integrate our solution into any platform and enviroment. Through our technical documentaiton our by letting our technical team assist you we can modify, adjust and integrate our system anywhere.

Increased sales

When navigating people from one place to another you increase the profitability levels. You can also change paths of users’ behaviors to adapt where you place products. You can programmatically adjust products to match customers’ purchasing patterns.

Navigating and helping users to find what’s important!

Analytics Path Tracker

The insight information you will get from seeing exactly how people walk in your retail enviroment is key increasing sales. And to better understand you enviroment.

Knowing the path and users position is key to increased sales!

What We Offer

A complete digital wayfinding experience in both apps, terminals, and websites. Let your visitors use any platform to be able to quickly navigate to your store and find what they are looking for.

Digital wayfinding App

We deliver our developed digital wayfinding app, we customize the content and user interface so it matches your data.

Automated content

Having the information updated is crucial to a successful deployment. By streaming all updates through API´s we can make sure all platforms are updated in realtime.


We can deliver the touchscreens with the navigation built into it. Specialized furniture to match your companies graphical profile.

User Centric Experiences

We have developed a user interface closely with the highest standards. Where the goal is to be able to let anyone use the app to quickly find what they are looking for. As few steps as possible is our goal.

WorldClass Support

Thanks open programmaing language and documentation fully available for you we can easily assist you with any possible question or thoughts.

QR Manager

We have a unique QR code manager which you can use to create start points anywhere in the map. You can easily print these signs to place anywhere. We can also include NFC sensors for those users that like touch-and-go methods.

Product Updates

All updates in our system is distributed OTA so you will always have the latest software and updates.

Addon - Digital signage

Connect our digital signage system to control content on screens matching the search behaviours in the digital map. Hire external teams to manage content or hire media companies to drive sales.


We love to integrate our software into existing systems and applications that already exists. This is a fast-track to reaching high usage levels. Which in turn means higher sales for you as a customer.

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