Digital Wayfinding Solutions

Intelligent and automated – Your trusted guide!

Digital Wayfinding Solutions 
“Intelligent and automated – Your trusted guide!”

MVG has been delivering digital wayfinding solutions for over 10 years to different industries. Our vast experience in this area in the last decade has let us to clearly understand what the needs of customers are when it comes to navigating people and finding products.

We have been given unparalleled access to a wealth of wayfinding experience and knowledge. What we have done with this decade of information is to design a totally new 2020 3D digital wayfinding SaaS product that the world has not seen before!

Our digital Wayfinding solution is an information and guidance system uniquely developed for indoor environments with interactive, three-dimensional maps which guides customers directly to the products, brands and services they are looking for. 

With our new 2020 product you can automate the content and at the same time connect programmatic ads – reaching to your choice of platform (apps, terminals, websites).

Our unique wayfinding solution also has an integrated signage system built into it. But it also works very well to integrate with other digital signage systems. Its main architecture design is to be used anywhere by any platform and support any type of integration.

Automated – Artificial Intelligent Wayfinding – With Programmatic Functionalities

Digital Wayfinder SaaS Suite

You can deploy a wide range of MVG digital wayfinding products:

SaaS Wayfinder Manager

From our CMS MVG-Toolbox you can manage the wayfinding solution.

The CMS manager can be accessed from any browser, or integrated easily with singel sign on technology – and you dont need to install any 3PP software to access administration.

Navigate users from QR signs
We offer a simple QR code deployment of navigation (start points) – or point of interests.

Use our intuitive content system manager to administrate these QR positions. Simply drag-n-drop the markers to the map fill in description then let people navigate from these positions from any smartphone.

Truely simple and smart to get you started quickly. You can easily print these QR markers from our manager and place them anywhere in your enviroment.

Navigate users from apps
Navigate users from apps, either standalone versions or integrated into existing apps.

Customizable in anyway, colors and formats can be designed to match your companys profile.

Optimized for smart positioning services using hardware in smartphone – gyro + compass + electromagnetic sensors + AR navigation.

Our solution features an effortless setup, and you can learn through our technical documentation on how to create your own wayfinding solution or hire us as developers to create your own unique application.


Navigate users from premium terminals
We offer our premium terminals with a classic form factor design it holds a 43.5″ inch state of the art multitouch screen.

Bundled with our integrated computer. Its built and designed for indoor public enviroments, and made to run 24/7.

You can customize the color and design to match any graphical profile. And of course from these terminals you can easily wirelessly transfer the wayfinding app to your smartphone SMS or QR. 

Or use near-field communication devices, to transfer the mobile version to any smartphone.

Deployment of the interactive directories is made very easy thanks to our smart media players (Linux or Android). 

Navigate users from enterprise terminals

We offer our enterprise graded furniture solution with a 43.5″ inch state of the art multitouch screen and with our integrated computer.

Its approved for goverment enviroments following regulations needed GDPR and WCAG standards.

It´s standardized form fits very well in public enviroments and made for all types of people to use.

Navigate users from lightweight terminals
We offer a smaller 15″ inch state of the art multitouch screen which you can place anywhere in your public enviroment.

It has our integrated player (computer) built in.

Just plugin power and your ready to go, its made to run 24/7. And of course from these terminals you can easily wirelessly transfer the wayfinding app to your smartphone (QR, SMS or other).

Device connects with cable, WIFI or modem.


Navigate users from citymaps
We offer a multitouch screen with our unique citymaps solution software for public outdoor enviroments.

Data is syncronized from a veriaty of souces. We take the best API data from google API´s, parking API´s, Tourist public API´s, openstreetmaps API´s, street view (Google) API´s, and much more .

Easily wirelessly transfer wayfinding application to users smartphones.

Its made for public enviroments and work in a all weather conditions. 

Navigate users from portrait screens
We offer a state of the art multitouch portrait screens 9:16 with our unique wayfinding solution software.

You can either order the free standing version or wall mounted. Its designed and approved for public enviroments. It has the internal media player built in.

And colors you can change to match your companies graphical profile.

You can order these with or without touchscreens. Depending on your requirements. And from these terminals you can easily wirelessly transfer the wayfinding app to your smartphone QR or SMS or other sensors.

Navigate users from websites
We offer our wayfinding to run on any website, you can easily integrate it yourself by reading our technical documentation.

Or we can of assist in the integration, when integrating a wayfinding solution on a webpage you might want to create custom UI/UX controls so it fits nicely into your websites graphical profile.

You can add different functions to different pages, and of course from these places you can easily wirelessly transfer the wayfinding app to your smartphone.

Our maps load fast – within a few seconds – and we support all modern browsers. There is even a fallback solution to support images.

The maps on the webpages are the same code that is run on “terminals” or “apps”, the difference is the user interface design.

All our maps are customizable in anyway. 

Navigate users from Digital Poster´s

We offer to deploy smart digital posters that uses our wayfinding plugins. Its main purpose is to show residents on different floors, content updates automatically. 

And from these posters you can also easily wirelessly transfer the wayfinding app to your smartphone. Screens are non-touchscreen or with touchscreens of any size and format.

Automate everything solution

We have developed different unique plugins which makes all things easier for the administration.

We extract already existing information and distribute it to all applications automatically making sure information is always correct on all platforms.

EpiServer, WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco and custom solutions.

Monetised Wayfinding

We have developed a unique API to connect third party ads. Togheter with our full-automation suite we can also connect 3PP ads in a very unqiue way.

We work with the biggest advertising companies in the world and can connect the best adds that makes you the best revenue. Without prompting the wrong ads at the wrong time.

You can control the content delivery to match your selection – so you dont interfere with competitive brands.

Integrated Digital Signage System

When no one is using the wayfinding, or when a user is searching for “hamburgers”, you can then use our signage system SaaS to control the adds.

You can use our built in signage system to control this or syncronize with 3PP product API´s. 

Signage API 

All data from all MVG wayfinding sources, independent on what platform user is using data is stored in our big-data realtime database.

This data can then be accessed by API usage.

Integrated anywhere

  • We offer the tools to integrate the digital wayfinding in any application in any way.
  • We can offer you to do all the integration or assist your team.
  • SDK´s and technical documentation.

Wayfinding with other Signage systems

  • We can syncronize our wayfinding software (player) with other digital signage systems if needed.
  • Today we co-operate with the largest digital signage companies in the world.
  • With pre-made API and synchronization.
  • SDK´s we can use to set the playlist or campaign material to play in exactly the way you want.
  • Our technology is built with HTML5 and WebGL which is an open standard in the developer world.
  • Easily integrated anywhere.

Your own hardware or order from us!

  • You can easily order the hardware for our different types of wayfinding solutions listed above (Exclusive, Enterprise or lightweight).
  • You can also design your own touchscreen furniture. And integrate our media player.
  • We advise using our touchscreens that we know work. These screens are available in any size.
  • We offer two types of media players Android or Linux.
  • Through our innovative and easy to use user manager the player can be easily configured to play any content.

Media Player

  • We offer a media players that works with our SaaS digital signage system.
  • It comes pre-configured with all settings.
  • These devices can be stacked in unlimited numbers to manage simpler or complex solutions.
  • Connect it to our multitouch touchscreen and you are ready to go.
  • Player can also broadcast commercials from our digital sigange SaaS system.

Augmented Navigation

Togheter with the leading developers for visual intelligent (AI) processing company – we deliverd proof of concept – indoor navigation positioning without the need to install any third party devices. In development!